The Workout Routine Robert Downey Jr Used to Get In Shape for Iron Man 2

Although it wasn’t his first movie, my first memories of Robert Downey Jr was in the 1985 movie “Weird Science”.

The film was especially popular with teens, who helped propel it to cult-classic status. Soon after, Downey had a role in “Less Than Zero” as, ironically enough, a rich kid addicted to drugs. This movie role became his reality and ten years later Downey was a wreck.  From 1996 to 2001 he was arrested several times on drug-related charges.

Then, in 2008 he was cast as Tony Stark, aka – Ironman! The Role Signaled a Turning Point in the Life of Robert Downey Jr.

The part required that Downey ad 20 pounds of muscle in 5 months.  The director, Jon Favre, wanted Downey to have the physique to look like “he had the power to forge iron”.  He had his work cut out for him as he struggled to accomplish this in a very short period of time. Luckily  legendary American trainer Brad Bose was hired to whip him into shape.  Robert Downey Jr. now has an impressive physique which has undoubtedly resulted from his training for “Iron Man.”

Downey Bulked Up With 20 Pounds of Muscle for his Role in the First Installment of the Movie.

One machine that Bose made him use primarily that helped him accomplish this amazing feat was the Vortex. This device has different apparatuses like a dip bar, pull-up bar, and several cables.

The Vortex is able to hit the muscle from about any angle, a unique and defining feature of the machine. Another advantage of the machine is the ability you have to switch from one exercise to another quickly. The Jacobs Ladder was another device that Downey used regularly. As you climb a ladder which revolves, you get a great cardio workout.

So he used The Vortex to gain muscle while the Jacob’s Ladder helped him lose body fat.  Another device used was a vibration platform called the Pineapple, which was specifically used to exhaust the muscles during stenuous exercise.

Robert Downey Jr really started to hone is body further for “Sherlock Holmes.”

Although Downey looked great in Ironman, he was new to this level of fitness.  It takes a number of months at a low body fat level to really create a ripped detailed physique.  Simply continuing what he did to get lean for Ironman, Robert Downey Jr sharpened up to a new level.

When someone trims down as quickly as Downey did for “Ironman,” their skin does not conform to the new musclular physique right away. He actually looks more toned in “Sherlock Holmes,” especially in the fight scenes, than he did in “Ironman.”

Robert Downey Jr Achieves a High Level of Conditioning in “Ironman 2.”

You will notice that his face, skin, and overall physique just look a little better.  One of the big benefits of staying lean and holding that condition over a number of years is that the skin finally has time to adapt to the new body size.  One thing people don’t often realize is that reaching a lower level of body fat will result in their face looking more angular and their features sharper. Robert Downey Jr has the look of a “GQ” model in Ironman 2 and this is largely because he has stayed lean.

Three Years of Effort Went into the “Ironman 2″ Look

The Robert Downey Jr workout, designed to improve his physique may have culminated in “Iron Man 2,” but he began the journey in 2007. Over three years, from the training program he began before the first “Iron Man” movie, Downey would perfect his physique.

Working on the “Jacobs Ladder”, the “Vortex”, and the “Pineapple”, under the expert tutelage of Brad Bose, gave him the sexy, muscular, and toned body he has now. Obviously diet played a large role as well.

Below are video demonstrations of the 3 machines Robert Downey Junior used to get in shape these past 3 years

The Vortex

The Jacobs Ladder

The Pineapple

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