The Taylor Lautner New Moon Workout

Before I begin to tell you about the Taylor Lautner Workout, I will give you a brief biography…

Lautner was born in 1992, on February 12th. At the time of the filming of Twilight : New Moon, Lautner was 17 years old. Until he was thirteen years old, Lautner focused much of his time on martial arts. By the time he was twelve, he had already won a black belt at the Junior World Karate Championships. Lautner began his acting career in 2001, and by 2008 played Jacob Black the Native American character in Twilight.

The Director Considered Casting Someone Else to Play Jacob Black in New Moon

Director Catherine Hardwicke even thought about finding someone else to fill in for Lautner’s role. She wanted someone with more muscle and more believable to play Jacob Black.  You see, Jacob turns into a werewolf in this movie and she wanted someone with a stronger physical presence than Taylor Lautner.

Taylor Had to Gain Muscle Quickly or Possibly Lose His Role in New Moon

Luckily Taylor had the strong martial arts background which aided him in getting this ripped look.  If Lautner was a kid without a history in athletics, it’s unlikely that he’d have been capable of developing the muscle that he did in such a brief span of time.

Jacob Black Workout Routine Secrets

Taylor Lautner’s abs were not just a result of the 9 months of training leading up to the shooting of New Moon.  Because he maintained an athletic lifestyle when he was younger, his natural muscle maturity and density was already that of an average twenty year old. People who compete in martial arts derive power from tightening their core.  This tightening over time builds hard and defined muscles in the abs.  To make your abs more apparent, one needs to lower the percentage of their body fat through dieting, though Lautner’s abs can be credited to his experience in the martial arts.

For Lautner, Gaining Muscle Was Relatively Simple.

Taylor add 20 pounds of muscle very quickly because of how young he was. Fitness magazines keep it a secret, but you can get mass very quickly when you are first starting to workout. The amount of muscle Taylor put on his body was the natural amount of muscle he was suppose to have.  He isn’t big by any stretch of the imagination, which is good.  Just like most younger males, Lautner could move towards his body’s maximum efficiency very quickly. Because he devoted so much time to his workouts, he was able to accomplish this in 9 months. Usually, this process will take a year or two.

When Interviewed About How He Got in Shape for New Moon

If you see any of Taylor Lautner’s interviews, you will notice he is pretty vague about his workouts.  He says things like “I worked out a lot and ate a lot”.  Honestly, this is all it takes for a young guy in his late teens to early 20’s to gain those 15-25 pounds.  The hard part is getting them ripped. Taylor Lautner has his high metabolism rate working for him as he’s still young. As he grows a bit older he will have to change his strategy.